a Storytelling Course
             with John Molineux



Adaptation of pre-existing stories :

* how to find stories and recognise those which suit the individual character of each storyteller;
* personal adaptation of stories;

Creating a story :

* the choice of a theme;
* research and collecting;
* the ‘putting into words’ : spoken and written.

Telling  stories :

* the spoken voice;
* body language;
* memorisation;
* adapting to different audiences;
* the pleasures of the stage : from the fireside to the theatre;
* the possible use of music and sound effects.

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The course is above all practical : individually or in groups,
the participants will be helped to tell the stories that they have created or adapted,
in the company of their colleagues and for an invited public if possible.

 Careful listening, tangible progress and good humour
are the essential ingredients of this course

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One of John Molineux’s shows ( "Legendary Airs", "Wolf?", "Dreamcatcher" ...)
can conclude the course.

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(i) Adults and adolescents (all levels of experience). In leisure & cultural centres etc.

(ii) Schools (primary and secondary). These themes can be covered by a short course, or by a series of meetings spaced throughout the school year. A variety of studies can benefit from this activity: literature, oral expression, stage craft, natural science...