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a Music and Story Show


“Concert” : noun  —  accord
harmony    unison   camaraderie    ensemble
understanding    fraternity    fusion
at one...

Two passions have guided John Molineux since his earliest childhood:
music and words, and this show is their true meeting-place.
His mother and grandmother: singers!
His father: an inexhaustible story-teller!
The path was already laid out…

First known as a singer and multi-instrumentalist, he has gained a worldwide reputation for his unique Appalachian Dulcimer playing. His concerts, of songs and traditional tunes (Irish, English, French...) plus his own compositions, have been played throughout Europe and in the USA. But this “musician of rare finesse who is never blinded by superficial virtuosity” has always liked to spice his concerts with stories, real or imaginary, moving or humorous.
As he is also a violin maker, he has made, sometimes invented, the quasi-totality of the instruments that he plays in his concerts and story-telling shows. For since 1996 he has added three complete shows to his stage repertory: “Legendary Airs” where Music tells its tales, “Wolf! Wolf” where the Wolf faces the judgement of all humanity, and now "Dreamcatcher"...
More creations are in progress …

‘Stories in Concert’ is the deft interweaving of all these threads …

'Stories in Concert'  is the meeting, the harmony, the unisson of
Songs and Music from everywhere and forever
Stories from far and near...