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About John Molineux


musician ~ story-teller

1947 Born in Los Angeles, California

1950 Family moved to England

Instrument - making

1972 - 74 Training : Newark School of Violin Making.

Pass with distinction.

Music and Story-telling

1963 Met traditional music through Folk Clubs.

1965 Started giving concerts, solo and in groups.


1976 Moved to Brittany

1978 LP « Douce-Amère » : traditional songs and instrumentals

(mostly with Appalachian Dulcimers).

1978 - 82 Member of the JOHN RENBOURN GROUP (vocals, dulcimers, violin,

mandolin). Tours + 3 LPs with the group.

since 1978 Solo concert tours: U.S.A., Germany, Ireland, England,

Italy, Hungary and France.

1985 LP « Spice of Life » : personal and traditional tunes and songs

(with Dan ar Bras, the Josquin des Prés.Quartet etc.)

since 1996 Tours throughout France with the story-teller Alain Le Goff

for the story and music show ‘‘Baleines, baleines’’

2000 Creation of « LEGENDARY AIRS », a solo show of ‘Stories told by Music itself’ (for all, recommended min. 7 yrs ).

CD, compilation of «Douce-Amère» + «Spice » (Kerig KCD185) : awarded « BRAVO » label from Trad Magazine.

2002 Creation of « WOLF ? » : a one man show, where the wolf is revealed through stories, with some music (for all, rec. min. 7 yrs ).


The French Musical Press

~ a few extracts

~ ‘‘a musician of rare finesse, who never lets himself be blinded by superficial


~ ‘‘ John Molineux is certainly one of the very best players of the Appalachian

dulcimer of the present moment ’’

~ ‘‘ Guided by John’s warm and beautiful voice, we enter a calm and peaceful world

where, by his wish, all violence is banished ’’

~ ‘‘ He opposes the great and powerful of this world, and their institutions,

with the strength of love for children, women, friends ....

John is a tremendous instrumentalist.... ’’

~ ‘‘ .... above all, it’s through his music that you can feel his natural

affection for people.... ’’

Reviews by: Marc ROBINE, Jacques VASSAL, Jean THEFAINE

( Rock and Folk, Ouest France, Courants d’Airs …)





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