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John feels all his music to be a form of song, a breath straight from the heart. With his mother, in school and abbey choirs, and finally in folk clubs, it was above all with his voice that he learnt to express himself.


Member of several groups over the years (such as the renowned JohnRenbourn Group), as well as singing he has added accompaniments with flutes, mandolin, guitar and violin. But it was his meeting with the family of Appalachian dulcimers that led him to discover his real talents as a performer, composer, even virtuoso.


His concert’s songs and instrumentals come from English, Irish and French traditions, with personal compositions and improvisations.Dances and reveries, jigs and gavottes, love songs and ballads, themes from the 20thcentury and the Renaissance: all keep company, weaving together throughout the concert — not forgetting that, as a story-teller, he can never resist the temptation to include some tasty tales …





John has earned a worldwide reputation for his Appalachian Dulcimer playing and for the unique versions of the instrument that he has developed.*

He also likes to include violin and flute pieces: as lyrical as his dulcimer music, they introduce a warm variety of ‘colours’ to the concert. Sometimes unusual instruments can slip into the show too…


*3 & 5-string, acoustic & electric.




A few simple conditions are necessary for the pleasure of all:


*during the music:

-lighting only on the stage;

-no bar or table service;

*seating, with a good view, for all.



The Musical Press ~ a few extracts

~ ‘‘a musician of rare finesse, who never lets himself be blinded by superficial virtuosity ’’

~ ‘‘John Molineux is certainly, and by far, one of the very best players of the Appalachian dulcimer of the present moment ’’

~ ‘‘Guided by John’s warm and beautiful voice, we enter a calm and peaceful world where, by his wish,  all violence is banished ’’

~ ‘‘He opposes the great and powerful of this world, and their institutions, withthe strength of love for children, women, friends …. John is a tremendous instrumentalist…. ’’

~ ‘‘…. above all, it’s through his music that you can feel his natural affection for people…. ’’

Reviews by: Marc ROBINE,   Jacques VASSAL,  Jean THEFAINE   (Rock and Folk, Ouest France, Courants d’Airs …)


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